Our prices

  • Consultation 44.10 CHF
  • Panoramic X-ray at half price 94.50 CHF
  • Scaling and polishing 149 CHF
  • Zoom office whitening 399 CHF
  • Aesthetic treatment I. (Scaling and polishing, Zoom office whitening) 449 CHF
  • Home whitening kit 399 CHF
  • Aesthetic treatment II. (Scaling and polishing, Zoom office whitening, Home whitening kit) 699 CHF
  • Dental implant with crown from 2700 CHF
  • Further implants with crowns from 1990 CHF (with crowns on each implant)
  • Root canal treatment from 500 CHF
  • Crowns from 1300 CHF

Exact costs will be detailed in the personalised treatment plan.
For more information, please contact our colleagues.

We kindly inform our patients that for establishment of an accurate diagnosis a panoramic X-Ray is necessary to be taken. The price of the personalized estimate is included in the consultation fee.

Additionally, payments are due right after the procedure, unless prior arrangements decide otherwise. We accept both credit card and cash payments.

We decided to determine our dental point value at CHF 4,20. Nevertheless, this number does not provide a reliable indication about the treatment costs. There are many ways to resolve a dental problem.

In case of any doubt, please, rather ask for a quotation at your dentist. This is the best way to rule out any unpleasant surprises.

Please note: The point value system is not extended to the prosthetic work!

General Payment Terms


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