General Payment Terms

Since 1976, the standardized dentist fees have been determined by the Swiss Dental Association (SSO). That means that the price of every single dental treatment is not based on any political negotiation, arbitrary decision, but on a clear calculation of costs.

The standardized list of treatments contains 500 different dental treatments. Every treatment has a point value. Therefore, the price of each treatment is equal to the price of the product multiplied with a number of points defined by the point value.

For patients visiting private clinics such as Implantcentre, the number of points is variable to a certain extent. The point value does not have a lower limit. However, the upper limit is CHF 5.80. A private clinic’s pricing framework allows to take account of particular inherent circumstances of each patient (such as an emergency issue, demand for comfort, aesthetics, quality), as well as the characteristics of each clinic (infrastructure costs, salary, etc.).

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