Nothing to hide any more...

When the patient first time arrived to us asking if we could improve her smile, so she should not need to hold her hand in front of her mouth when smiling, and we said, well, we can do the trick for you, she was so happy with the quick and reassuring answer of our dentist, that with the next smile, she even forgot her tooth covering reflexes. Well this is how the treatment started…

During the consultation it turned out that some of her dental caries was so deep that even the nerve chamber of some of her teeth were involved…She was indeed complaining for years of sensitivity and recurrent pains of her teeth…to avoid further problems she needed also some root canal treatments and fillings to avoid recurrent infections and pains. Only after the cleaning of the dental cavities and caries we can make the root canal treatments, fillings and the necessary preparations for crown and bridgework.

Unfortunately some of her teeth were too bad for salvage and we had to remove them. To have enough posts for fixed bridgework, she needed some implants also. As she was missing many teeth for decades, she had also major bone resorption, thus she needed also sinus bone augmentation (bone graft to sinuses) during the implant surgery.

Following the healing of the implants we used two types of crowns and bridges: to the upper front she got Procera crowns, to the lower jaw she got gold ceramics.

As we could not use immediate loading 3 months had to be waited for the full healing of the lower implants, but as we can see it was worth the patience...

Before implantation

After implantation

Nicely in order

Although our 21 year old patient had healthy teeth he could not accept their look. In his everyday life he felt timid about his teeth, smiled only with closed lips, spoke with lips hardly apart. He wanted to have orderly, symmetric and beautiful smile.

We suggested orthodontic treatment, but the patient wanted to have a quick solution and could not tolerate the idea of 1-1,5 year pleasure of fixed orthodontic appliances in his mouth in his age. For this reason he waned the expert opinion of our dentists.

According his panoramic X-ray (OPG) our experts suggested him to have all his four wisdom teeth removed, as there was a size discrepancy between the size and number of his teeth and size of his jaws. His wisdom teeth also contributed to a certain amount of his crowding of his anterior teeth.

Under general anaestehsia he underwent the surgical removal of his four wisdom teeth in our department. He also had a gum plasty of his upper right and left lateral incisors to increase the length of these crowns for a more esthetic gum level.

He also needed root canal filling to manage the angular difference of his tooth. Following the preparation of his teeth for crowns he got temporary crowns right away before he left our department to protect the prepared teeth and keep the esthetics.

On the patients special request we prepared the final crowns from metalfree special circonium, full porcelain (Procera) material, which gives today the best aesthetic (transparency!) and functional solution in the world.

Before treatment

After treatment with procera crowns

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